Pullman WA Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending charges of DUI, MIP, drug possession, assaults, felonies, etc.

About the author of this blog

The author of this blog is a former prosecutor and a 1995 graduate of Gonzaga School of Law.Pullman Attorney  He has worked as a defense attorney since 2003. Many college student have his cell number on “speed dial” due to his accessibility and his broad expertise on the legal rights of college students. Mr. Graham has been a guest on the popular Los Angeles radio show “It’s a Crime” on KCAA 1050 AM to discuss the privacy rights of college students in dormitories.  He is frequently asked to comment on current issues by prestigious publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Seattle Weekly, and the Seattle Times.

He lives in Spokane where his main office is, and he is in Pullman on a weekly basis working with college students on criminal cases and disciplinary issues with the school.

Mr. Graham has served as faculty for the Washington State Bar Association and taught criminal law to new lawyers.

Mr. Graham has served as faculty for the Washington State Bar Association to teach criminal law to new lawyers.

Mr. Graham has been doing jury trials since he was 24 years old. Additionally, Mr. Graham has represented many college students and student athletes who are facing suspension or expulsion for misconduct at WSU. He is a native of New London, Connecticut and is 43 years old. He is married and has two sons, the older of which is a college student in Seattle. More than any other attorney, Mr. Graham understands what is at stake for college students facing legal problems in Washington’s court. He can be reached at steve [AT] grahamdefense [DOT] com, or at the phone number listed at the top of this page.

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